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Barbara Wright (Wrighteous Beagles and ObediBeagles) has owned Beagles since 1987. Her first Beagle, Megan Marie, was an obedience Beagle, and was the first Beagle in many years to obtain a Utility Degree (3rd level obedience title) in 1994. She was ranked #7 Beagle in Obedience for 1994.

Barb’s Beagle family grew from there. She continues to train her dogs for Obedience, but has also picked up an interest in conformation and breeding, as well as being involved with Nor Cal Beagle Rescue.

Please explore the website for more information about Wrighteous Beagles, beagle pictures, and general beagle information.

Wrighteous Beagles
Wrighteous Beagles